What is Hyper-local Geo-targeting?

Uses GPS and location services to collect users in a specific area for advertising.

  • Through existing apps on devices, geo targeting finds devices in a specific area and allows you to deliver ads to them immediately or after the event.
  • Target high-traffic areas for a wider range of audience, or target specific areas for a niche audience.


What We Offer

We provide a new and innovative way to grow your business exponentially.

  • Guaranteed at least 10% capture rate.
  • Use creativity and strategy to plan who, when and where to target.

Whether you are a local small business, or a large corporation, hyperlocal geofencing is an untapped source for growth you can tap into.


Case Study

  • Target competitors (e.g. Toyota car dealership targeting Honda dealership: When customers are in the Honda dealership, Toyota can run their ads on customers' phones so they're more inclined to take their business to them).
  • Target events (e.g. Sports apparel company targeting sporting events).
  • Target group (Have a specific group of people you want to target? Geofence areas they frequent).
  • Target real estate (Have multiple properties for sale? Capture potential homebuyers with interest in one property and advertise your other properties).


Go straight to the bottom of your sales funnel

Geo-targeting goes directly for the sale, without going through the sales funnel

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